Kalumi SIA, forgings

SIA KALUMI Owner and blacksmith: Kaspars Auza Education: special – metal cutting 1989 – Folk craftsman 1992 – Certified blacksmith (iron) and coppersmith (nonferrous metals) of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts Worked in Sweden and Norway. In Latvia – exhibitions and public space. Projects in Latvia Created metal design together with architects and designers for Latvia's most popular folk-style restaurants in Latvia LIDO, Vērmanītis, Staburags, Slāvu Restorāns and medieval restaurants Rozengrāls and Black Balsam. Projects in Norway In cooperation with log house maker EKLA export to Buskerud, Telemak, Hedmark and Sandnessjøen. Partners: architects, designers, interior designers, fireplace makers, producers and exporters of log and wooden buildings, landscape designers. Blacksmith and forging works for private residences, furniture makers; fireplace accessories, staircase banisters, flag holders, door hinges, door knockers, metal lighting fixtures, chandeliers, weathervanes, garden grills, portable gills, etc. Restoration works on old buildings, castles and manors – gates, hinges, handles, chandeliers, window fittings, fireplace fittings. The company uses real fire preserving old craftsmanship techniques, which gives many possibilities in restoration and modern design working together with architects and designers.
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    Mega Star, freezing systems
    Mega Star, freezing systemsSIA "MEGA STAR" is a specialized Latvian company, whose activity is focused on the implementation of complex tasks in the installation of industrial and commercial refrigeration, as well as conditioning systems.
    Jūsu-mēbeles.lv, SIA
    Jūsu-mēbeles.lv, SIAOn the store's website, you can find furniture and accessories from top Scandinavian, German, Italian, Polish, and other manufacturers. Every product is rigorously inspected for quality and safety by the manufacturer before being delivered to customers. All items are certified in accordance with European Union regulations.
    Kartridzuuzpilde.lvWe offer a fast and high-quality cartridge refilling service and a wide range of new cartridges for all the most popular printer manufacturers with delivery across Latvia at affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more!
    Viola Stils, salon
    Viola Stils, salon"Viola-Stils" is a leading manufacturer of innovative seamless knitwear in the Baltic region, based in Latvia. The company boasts over thirty years of experience in producing knitwear using high-quality Italian yarns, including cashmere, silk, and fine merino wool
    Žuvėdra, viesnīca, restaurant
    Žuvėdra, viesnīca, restaurantHotel - restaurant - recreation center "Žuvėdra". Located near Paplovinis lake in Ignalina. Bicycle rent, tennis and other entertainments. You are always welcome!
    Mazo dzīvnieku klīnika, veterinary clinic
    Mazo dzīvnieku klīnika, veterinary clinicPiedāvājam veterinārārsta konsultācijas, laboratoriskos un endoskopiskos izmeklējumus (brohoskopija un gastroskopija), rentgenu, sonogrāfisko izmeklēšanu, vakcināciju, ķirurģiskos pakalpojumus un mājdzīvnieku aprūpi, kas mājas apstākļos reizēm mēdz būt apgrūtinoša. Veicam mājdzīvnieku eitanāziju, iespējami arī apbedīšanas pakalpojumi. Izsniedzam izziņas dzīvnieka izbraukšanai uz ārzemēm.
    Pūdnīku skūla, keramika
    Pūdnīku skūla, keramikaSmoked ceramics. Ancient pottery tehnology, where high mastery grounds is clever reserve, simple fairness and practical classes.
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