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Meistars A, koka suvenīru un rotaļlietu ražošana

Meistars A, koka suvenīru un rotaļlietu ražošana

Viestura prospekts 2 - 22, Rīga, Latvija
(+371) 29239595
+371 29641148 - dizainers Juris
(+371) 65124452
(+371) 67382371 - Attīstošas rotaļlietas
Meistars A manufactures 3D models from ecologically pure material – birch-tree plywood, which gives a pleasant touch and scent. The assembling requires creativity and thinking of an engineer, which ultimately will result in turning a pile of parts into a beautiful three-dimensional model. It is a unique possibility for you to create an object you have always dreamed about or at least a reduced model, for instance, a sailing ship, a bike, or an air-plane, or the other way round – a giant grasshopper or a butterfly which visually resemble the real living creatures. The self-made collection of models, which eventually can be supplemented with new entries, will bring joy to your kids’ room or may serve as a part of your home’s interior. Our models can be used as children’s toys - a construction game that develops imagination, three-dimensional perception and hand-eye co-ordination, besides, it teaches to concentrate and to be patient. And in the end it brings joy and gratification for the wonderful result – a self made brand new toy. It makes a great gift for adults as well – as a souvenir for someone dear to you or as an article of remembrance to keep memories of certain time, place or event. You will be amazed of how exciting the assembling can be! Surprise your loved ones with this special gift!
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