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The farm is engaged in cereal farming, sea buckthorn berry cultivation, and develops the tourism sector. The vision of the farm is to work sustainably, in harmony with nature, and share it with others - to be present in the here and now, to touch the earth, listen to the sounds of nature, take a breath, and feel the wind. The natural beauty of the sea buckthorn garden is enchanting, with a babbling stream and chirping birds in the summer, glistening snow in the winter sun, creating an idyllic setting for peaceful relaxation and finding balance and harmony. Latvia's nature is wonderfully beautiful in spring when sap rises from the ground, in summer when the air shimmers with heat, in autumn when grains and sea buckthorn berries ripen, and in winter when the snow dances like diamonds. The farm will be open to everyone, allowing our guests to enjoy the beauty of our farm.

In today's world, it is unimaginable without movement, mobility, and the diversity of life, meaning not being dependent on a particular place. The internet, communications, and television are always with us, and we can address important work and daily questions from anywhere. The farm's accommodation offer will include a well-appointed wooden-framed house with an attic, fireplace, hot tub, and terrace.

The target audience includes families with children from the city, couples seeking relaxation, remote workers, travelers, and groups of friends. People venture out of the city to enjoy nature, go for walks, hikes, and explore city and natural attractions. Well-equipped cottages are a place to spend the night and continue exploring Latvia the next day. Following global trends, Latvians also have a desire to be free from attachment to a specific place, so the cottage will also be available for long-term stays if desired by the client. The advantage of the location is its quiet rural setting, situated in the heart of Latvia, with easy access to the cottages via an asphalt road. The sea buckthorn cottage is located 113 km away from Riga, 25 km from the historic and picturesque Koknese, and 11 km from the historic manor sites of Vecbebri.

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    VEIPRO, SIA, scales and scale repair
    VEIPRO, SIA, scales and scale repairWe manufacture, sell and maintain both automatic and manual electronic scales and weighing systems. We work with the world's leading scale and scale component manufacturers to provide high quality products and services to all business sectors.
    Saullēkti ozolos, guest house
    Saullēkti ozolos, guest houseViesu māja Ezernieku pagastā pie lielākās ozolu birzs Baltijā, blakus Ežezers ir salām bagātākais ezers Latvijā. Atpūta gan divām personām, gan lielām tūristu grupām. Banketu zāle līdz 40 cilvēkiem. Izbraucienus ar kuteri pa Ežezeru.
    Svētku pils, guest house
    Svētku pils, guest houseViesu nams Svētku Pils atrodas Atpūtas vietā “4 Saules” un mūsu viesiem iespējams relaksēties pirtī, doties laivu braucienos, grillēt smaržīgus ēdienus un pavadīt laiku kopā pie dabas, baudot sauli, siltumu un vasaras smaržu.
    Birzgaļi Z/S, lauksaimniecības tehnikas tirdzniecība
    Birzgaļi Z/S,  lauksaimniecības tehnikas tirdzniecībaNew and used tractors from Japan. Trailers, plows, cutter, tractor servicing and warranty repairs. MITSUBISHI, FOTON, KUBOTA, ISEKI, MURATORO, YANMAR.
    Rasu Dārzniecība, SIA
    Rasu Dārzniecība, SIA"SIA Rasu Dārzniecība" is a relatively new family-owned nursery located in the Birzgale parish of Ogre municipality. We specialize in bedding plant seedlings and winter-hardy plants. We also offer vegetable seedlings: tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, melon and other seedlings.
    Baižas, tree nursery
    Baižas, tree nurserySeed plot Baižas. Wintergreens, grass, cemetery plantations, rockeries, summer flowers, plants for balconies. 700 sorts and kinds of wintergreens` seedlings.
    Līgatnes Zemturi, guest house
    Līgatnes Zemturi, guest houseLīgatnes Zemturi, camping houses for 3 - 4 persons. Places for tents. Banquet hall in boulder building. Fishing in ponds, viewing beavers.
    Ekoloģiskas lineļļas koka krāsas
    Ekoloģiskas lineļļas koka krāsasEcological wooden linseed oil pain Ecolin. Product highlights the wood's natural structure and the surface treatment becomes dull, and wear resistant.
    Ēmužas, guest house
    Ēmužas, guest houseLauku māja Ēmužas atrodas Vadzenes pagastā. Plašajās telpās iespējams sarīkot svinības līdz pat 250 cilvēkiem, bet ārpus telpām iespējams sarīkot pasākumu apmēram 500 cilvēkiem. Mājā ir iekārtotas 10 istabas, kurās var izgulēties līdz pat 60 cilvēkiem
    Terion, veterinary clinic
    Terion, veterinary clinicVeterinary therapy, examination of pet diseases, complex vaccinations for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits; veterinary surgery: cat castration, cat sterilization and other operations; documentation necessary for traveling etc. (reasonable prices!).
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