"Everything about amber, amber acid - the best antioxidant, about cosmetical and healing properties of amber (in three languages: Latvian, German, Russian). Craft camera certified master H.Jākobsons invites to visit free of charge amber workshop and to aquaint with amber processing as well as to feel the magical influence of amber. Pushers can try their hand in procession of amber. In Latvia master works there already late ago disappeared border between craftsmen and art works. Master works professionally since 1977 and is the last representative of its dynasty in this sphere. Due to lack of amber in Latvia in the proffesion work only some masters. OFFERS Visit - free of charge. Advisable duration of visit from 45 minutes. INFO - in Latvian, Russian and German. Possibility to see in real workshop processing of amber and to try hand yourself. Possibility to buy author works withour mediators. You can look at unique amber jewelery, which differ from mass production. Visit of workshop must be coordinated before via mob. ( 371) 26185257 or email:"
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    EscapeTown, breakout games
    EscapeTown, breakout gamesBREAKOUT GAMES. Go on an unforgettable World War II themed adventure with your friends or colleagues. Challenge yourself and see how resourceful, agile you are under pressure and whether you can maintain logical, analytical thinking and work in a team.
    Atpūtas komplekss "Viesītes", camping
    Atpūtas komplekss "Viesītes", campingLauku tūrisma un atpūtas vieta „ Karpu dīķis KASTOS” izveidots 2009 .gadā. Dīķa platība 2,3 ha. Vidējais dziļums 4m. Atrodamies tikai 15 km attālumā no Rīgas centra - "Viesītes", Jaunmārupē, Mārupes novadā
    Photon L Baltic, lighting equipment
    Photon L Baltic, lighting equipmentPhoton-L offers high-quality LED products using the latest advanced technologies. Our staff consists of highly specialized engineers who are active members of prestigious engineering and lighting associations in the United States, United Kingdom.
    Raganas ķēķis, tavern
    Raganas ķēķis, tavernIn "Raganas ķēķis" are the best treats from the country - have a meal, while your stomach is full, do not forget to try the special wine "Witch wine".
    PokaiņiAn old sacred place, stocks of stones, energy fields. Know yourself better and the old times
    Upmaļi, guesthouse
    Upmaļi, guesthouseRooms for celebrations, seminars, and a fire place. Table laying and live mucic. A rest at the river Ltne.
    Neptūns, restaurant
    Neptūns, restaurantRestorāns „Neptūns” ir senākais restorāns Jūrmalā, atrodas jūras kāpu zonā un Ķemeru Nacionālā parka teritorijā. Tikai 44 km attālumā no Rīgas varat baudīt jūras gaisu, priežu šalkoņu un gardas maltītes ģimenes vai draugu lokā.
    Arņa Preisa keramikas darbnīca
    Arņa Preisa keramikas darbnīcaSpecially chosen clay, water settled on different plants, the day of making and baking the vessel, the live fire of the wood, the colour and decoration of the vessel, which would be your help and give you joy and luck.
    Norde metāls, SIA, metal working
    Norde metāls, SIA, metal workingNORDE METALS deals with metal product production - we produce black metal as well as stainless steel. Gates, stairs, banisters.
    Ērgļi, camping
    Ērgļi, campingCamping Ērgļi is situated in a area 12 km from LIEPAJA. You can spent your free time in a quite and beautiful countryside. There is Baltic sea near the camping.
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