Skangaļu muiža, guest house


Skangaļi Manor is located in a beautiful area in the heart of Vidzeme, between two cities - the historic and popular tourist destinations of Cēsis and Valmiera. Approximately 11 km away is Rauna, known as "Little Switzerland" among the locals. When visiting us, you can explore natural attractions such as Mazais (Small) or Lielais (Big) Hell, Līču-Lanģu Cliffs, and the Sietiņiezis and Grīviņiezis hiking trails, as well as Kazu Grava. Nearby, you can also visit Rauna Staburags, Ērgļu Cliffs, and Vaives Dzirnavas. Additionally, you can take a trip to the neighboring Eduards Veidenbaums Memorial Museum "Kalāči" and the Maizes māja (Bread House). You can cool off in the nearby Startu Lake. Along the way to the manor, you can stop and admire the highest railway bridge in the Baltics over the Rauna River.

Since 1843, the manor has belonged to the Knīrims, a Baltic German noble family. Voldemārs von Knīrims (1849-1935), a professor and doctor of agricultural sciences, used the rural estate, land, and farm for his own needs as a summer retreat. Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme (grandson of V. Knīrims) spent his childhood summers until 1935 at Skangaļi Manor with his grandfather, which was later described in the book "Summer in Skangaļi" by Olof's sister, Katrīna Palme.

At the beginning of 2023, the manor buildings and territory were handed over to the Latvian Children's Support Fund, which will take care of its further development and improvement with warmth and care. The manor grounds now include a guest house, a spacious camp house, conference halls, and seminar rooms. During the summer season, guests should be aware that various children's camps take place on the premises. However, considering the vastness and opportunities of the manor territory, the camp activities do not interfere with the relaxation and enjoyment of nature for the guests. As the Latvian Children's Support Fund is a nonprofit organization for public benefit, all income from the use of the manor buildings and territory will be directed towards improving the children's camps and training facilities.

In the cozy manor dining hall, you can enjoy a delicious meal prepared by skilled chefs. Our meals feature homegrown seasonal vegetables, fruits, and berries.

The former barn of Skangaļi Manor now houses an exhibition where you can learn about the history, present, and future plans of the manor through a guide's narrative and during the tour of the manor complex.

Free WiFi is available in all buildings, although the quality may vary depending on the location of your room.

Free parking is available with several parking lots for your vehicles. For the needs of the camps, buses can conveniently enter the courtyard for the arrival and departure of participants.

A coffee machine is located in the dining hall, providing guests with access to coffee and everything necessary for making tea at any time.

There is a children's playground on the premises, featuring swings, a small slide, a children's playhouse, a rope course, a volleyball court, a Geocaching trail, and other entertainment options for children.

Upon request, we can heat up the sauna. Nearby, you'll find a pond, a bonfire area with benches, and a grill.

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