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Villa Anna, guest house

Villa Anna, guest house

Airītes, Apšuciems, Engures pagasts, Engures novads, Latvija, LV-3113
(+371) 26122679
(+371) 63143185
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Welcome to the world where the sea is beneath your feet and the transparent sand of the beaches lures you out from the bed, where the house of your dream is your house, at least for a short period of time. Small villa in the Baltic sands with light linen curtains on the windows and fragrant lacy linen on the beds is so far away from the daily routine and so close to the paradise on Earth. In fact, according to an ancient legend this place is protected by heavenly servants. Villa Anna is a mysterious scent of the home made bread and oat pancakes, merging with the fragrance of the ancient sea and its legends, flowing into your room with the sunrise. It is also the terases above the seacoast where it is so easy to feel yourself really special when at the sunset, you are being served with sizzling barbeque, young wine and home made beer by the skilful waiters. Catch the time in your hands and leave it in a small villa on the seacoast, among the fragrant pines, where your thoughts become clear and the noise of the huge cities withers away.
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