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Languages Translations Communication are the keywords of translation company in the Baltics and Nordic countries/ Scandinavia “Baltic Media Ltd.”

“Baltic Media Ltd.” offers linguistic communication services, such as translation and interpreting services, language and communication courses, thus assisting our Clients with communication in the global multilingual environment.

The strategic aim of translation company in the Baltics and Nordic countries/ Scandinavia “Baltic Media Ltd.” is apparent in our slogan The right message in the right language, which is achieved by providing high quality translation and interpreting, as well as other services related to linguistic communication to corporate entities, public and private institutions and in our willingness to become a loyal service provider in this market sector, respected both by Clients, competitors and suppliers.

Nowadays to be able to compete successfully in both local and global markets, language skills and knowledge in communication theory and practice are vital issues. “Baltic Media Ltd.” offers these services in unison.

Baltic Media Ltd. sells intellectual commodities created by qualified and competent specialists as well as a client-oriented service.

Basic Principles * Respect the Clients’ interests by providing professional, high quality and timely services. Availability to Clients and understanding of their needs. The Client must feel that “Baltic Media Ltd.” can be trusted. * Develop long-term cooperation with our Clients; “educate” Clients on the specific features of the services they purchase, provision of quality etc. * Promote a developing, democratic and market-oriented working environment and employment culture within the company. * Respect the interests of staff members and suppliers by treating them with due dignity, guaranteeing improvement of professional and expansion possibilities, as well as ensuring a positive social environment and respecting the individuality of each employee and supplier. Baltic Medias Ltd. trives to ensure that not only our Clients, but also our employees and suppliers enjoy working for and cooperating with our company.

The company was founded in 1991 in Sweden, and in 1994 a subsidiary company was founded in Latvia. Offices in Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Valmiera, Daugavpils.

Main Services: * Translation and localization services * Proofreading * Copy writing * Linguistic consultations * Formatting, conversion and layout designing of text files * Preparation of printing originals * Interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) * Language courses (training in groups and individually) * Communication and PR (Public Relations) courses

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EscapeTown, breakout games
EscapeTown, breakout gamesBREAKOUT GAMES. Go on an unforgettable World War II themed adventure with your friends or colleagues. Challenge yourself and see how resourceful, agile you are under pressure and whether you can maintain logical, analytical thinking and work in a team.
Atpūtas komplekss "Viesītes", camping
Atpūtas komplekss "Viesītes", campingLauku tūrisma un atpūtas vieta „ Karpu dīķis KASTOS” izveidots 2009 .gadā. Dīķa platība 2,3 ha. Vidējais dziļums 4m. Atrodamies tikai 15 km attālumā no Rīgas centra - "Viesītes", Jaunmārupē, Mārupes novadā
Mežotnes pils, palace
Mežotnes pils, palaceMežotnes pils jeb bijusī Mežotnes muižas kungu māja (Mesothen) atrodas Bauskas novada Mežotnes pagastā,Mežotnē. To klasicisma stilā pēc Pēterburgas galma arhitekta Džakomo Kvarengi meta uzcēla Johans Georgs Ādams Berlics 1798. - 1802. gados. Netālu atrodas bijušās muižas ēkas - kalpu māja, staļļi, pārvaldnieka māja un klētis. No 1797. līdz 1920. gadam Mežotne bija Līvenu dzimtmuiža.
Viesu nams "Imantas" un kempings "Sīļi"
Viesu nams "Imantas" un kempings "Sīļi"Relaxation and health centre “Imantas” offers rehabilitation and relaxation near one of the most beautiful and green places in Latvia – Jurkalnes steep bluff seaside in Courland. Beautiful nature surroundings relax and have the healing power by itself.
Līva***, hotel
Līva***, hotelHotel in the centre of Liepāja City. We offer 111 rooms for suites, business, standard and economy class conveniences. Restaurant "Upe" offers healthy and hefty buffet breakfast, business lunch and romantic dinner.
Vidi, guest house
Vidi, guest houseA rest place at the lake Sasmaka. A place for celebrations, sport event organization. Banquet hall and bathhouse.
Granda, joinery
Granda, joineryJoinery work of the company Granda. Stair manufacturing, installation; furniture manufacturing; oak beer barrels; bathhouse tubes and hot tubes; wood baths.
Titan, fitness club
Titan, fitness clubUzmanību! Akcija. Pērkot abonementu ar laika ierobežojumu uz gadu, cena tikai 15Ls. Sporta klubā TITAN!
Dzīpari S, textiles
Dzīpari S, textilesDzīpars ir viens no retajiem mazpilsētas uzņēmumiem, kurš piedāvā roku darbu izstrādājumus no lina un vilnas.
Sīpoli, guest house
Sīpoli, guest houseA guest-house Sīpoli is situated 1 km from the sea. A beautiful garden, a bath, a guest house, a banquet hall, picnic places.
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