Līgatnes Zemturi, guest house


To get to the recreation centre you have to follow highway Riga-Veclaicene and take a turn near to Ligatne at a traffic sing. The distance from Riga is 75 km, from Sigulda-24 km and from Cesis-22 km. The complex is situated in a 10 hectaires large, hilly territory. Half of the territory is devoted to fish ponds and the complex is located between them. The complex liesin counryside silence and there are no agricultural activites talking plase.



1. Trailer parking for 10-15 plases, a) a connection for electricity, b) a source for re-tanking drinking water, c) drainage funktion, d) a shower, e) a toilet. 2. Camping houses 22 m².Spase for 3-4 persons. The houses provide customers with electricity, water, shared shower and toilet.

3. Tent areas. Tent areas provide customers with firewood,shed,a table,shared shower and toilet.

II.Countryside tourism.

1.Holiday relaxation houses with(25 m²) for 3-4 persons, provided with all accommodations. 2.Baquet hall with a timplace in an old-fashioned rock building. a) spase for 50 persons, b) life music, c) food orders possible, d) sleeping spase for 30 persons.

III.Activities which are possible for visitors.

a) fishing in pond, observation of beavers' life, b) swimming, c) volleyball field, d) open-air fireplase under a shed, e) feature field,

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