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Daugavas muzejs

Daugavas muzejs

Daugavas muzejs, Salaspils pagasts, Salaspils novads, Latvija, LV-2121
(+371) 67216367 - Apmeklētājiem
(+371) 29344480 - Administrācija

Permanent exposition of the museum

Museum’s permanent exposition is gone through a complete reconstruction. The exposition has kept its main content and message, but changed its shape and accents. Now everyone has the opportunity to unveil the museum again and be acquainted with rich materials of photos, videos and objects on various subjects. The central element of the exposition is the relations between man and Daugava. The authors for the design of exposition have used conception of a winding river. Engaging in this journey through the river bends, visitor discovers the diverse history of Daugava and Salaspils County in a modern and interactive way. At the same time, the visitor can choose which of the aspects of Daugava and Salaspils County history to focus on more.

Exposition located in 176 m² of the Dole manor house consists of two theme blocks. First part is dedicated to history of River Daugava, whereas the second part is devoted to the history of Salaspils County in 19th and 20th centuries.

The exposition is the biggest publicly available collection on history of River Daugava and Salaspils County, in which 957 exhibits (199 objects and 758 photographs) can be viewed.

Among these are several unique exhibits:

  • Evidence of the first Stone Age settlement in territory of Latvia;
  • The earliest stone buildings in Baltics – Ikšķile castle and church complex;
  • One of the first baptized burials in Latvia – burial of Ikšķile christened Liv woman;
  • 17th century Swedish artillery three-pound smooth-bore cannon;
  • Evidence of various ancient river crafts – raftsmen, boatmen, ferrymen etc.;
  • More than 75 historical photos of nowadays-flooded banks of River Daugava.
  • River Daugava and its banks are the cradle of Latvian nation – it is here where the earliest ancient settlements have been discovered, on the banks of Daugava begun the Christianization of Latvian lands and the fight for saving the banks of Daugava begun the Third Awakening of Latvian nation. The exposition allows every one of us to ask the question: what is Daugava? A historic communication route in the past, a complex of natural and cultural heritage sites, or the core of national electric power resources? One can seek answer to this question only himself.

    Open-air exposition of Museum of the River Daugava

    In the old Dole manor park an open-air exposition is arranged – the fishermen farm “Mellupi” of lower Daugava portrays life and work of fishermen in late 19th and early 20th century. The farm consists of a house, a cattle-shed and a bath-house built in 19th century and a granary built in 1702. Here you can also see a unique reconstruction of salmon and lamprey weirs.

    Permanent exhibition

    Exhibition of fishing tools in open-air farm “Mellupi”

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