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Riekstkalni, tree nursery

Riekstkalni, tree nursery

Jaunā iela 1, Andrupene, Andrupenes pagasts, Krāslavas novads, Latvija, LV-5687
(+371) 20248250

The specialized nut tree nursery "RIEKSTKALNI" offers frost-resistant nut tree seedlings from Canada suitable for Latvia's climate.

Our seedlings are grown from the seeds of better Canadian varieties of mother trees, which enables the seedlings to better adapt to Latvia's climate, soil and light regime.

All varieties of the mother trees of our seedlings have the following characteristics: excellent taste, large kernel size, thin shell, increased frost resistance and abundant yield. Genetically, they can vary in size, shape, maturity and regularity of yield.

OffersProducts, services, keywordsTree nursery    Fruit tries plants       Carya pecan riekstkoks (Carya illinoinensis) (Walnut trees) more details      Shellbark Hickory riekstkoks (Carya laciniosa) (Walnut trees) more details      Shagbark Hickory riekstkoks (Carya Ovata) (Walnut trees) more details      Melnais riekstkoks (Juglans Nigra) (Walnut trees) more details      Sirdsveida riekstkoks (Juglans ailantifolia/cordiformis) (Walnut trees) more details      Buartnut hibrīds (Juglans cinerea x Juglans ailantifolia) (Walnut trees) more details      Grieķu valrieksts (Juglans Regia) (Walnut trees) more details      Pelēkais riekstkoks (Juglans cinerea) (Walnut trees) more details      "Hican" hibrīds (Carya ovata x Carya illinoinensis) (Walnut trees) more details      Mandžūrijas riekstkoks (Juglans mandzurica) (Walnut trees) more details      Castanea sativa (Edible chestnut) more details      North American pawpaw more detailsSeeds and seedlings

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