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Baltijas durvis

Baltijas durvis

Augusta Deglava iela 45, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1009
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Doors and windows, accessories.
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Dikolat, SIA
Dikolat, SIADIKOLAT is a reliable supplier of air compressor equipment. We are ready to supply a full chain of services related to air compressors: from delivery and installation to raw material supply and service. The success of our company is based on extensive experience and high-quality offer of compressor equipment (screw and piston compressors, compressed air dehumidifiers, main filters, air systems). We supply compressor equipment from well-known manufacturers - ABAC, ALUP, FIAC, REMEZA, BALMA, GardnenDenver, Tamrotor.
Pūdnīku skūla, keramika
Pūdnīku skūla, keramikaSmoked ceramics. Ancient pottery tehnology, where high mastery grounds is clever reserve, simple fairness and practical classes.
Lejasmalas, leisure complex
Lejasmalas, leisure complexHoliday houses and a bathhouse on the bank of Leja lake. A romantic recreation place on a desert island. Rooms for seminars and banquets. Places for tents and picnic.
Lapsas, recreation centre
Lapsas, recreation centreViesu nams Lapsas, naktsmājas, pirti, baļļa, banketu zāle, telts vietas. Piedāvājums ūdenstūrisma cienītajiem – piecvietīgi katamarāni, kanoe laivas, piegāde.
Purmaliņas, guest house
Purmaliņas, guest housePurmaliņas offers receration in silent place, wet bathhouse with a swimming pool, hall with a fire place till 20 people, karaoke, fishing. Place for sport games.
Latrex laivas
Latrex laivasEnjoy unforgettable time on the water
Vīnkalni, place of recreation
Vīnkalni, place of recreationA bathhose at the bank of the river Daugava. A nice place for celebrations or for a relaxation with friends.
Annas, gathering house
Annas, gathering houseAnnas. Nice interior made of natural materials, which gives you possibility to spend nice time in cozy atmosdphere with log house and terrace and to have nice bathing in nice bathhouse heated with firewood.
EST Tehnoloģijas, SIA, trade and repair of scales
EST Tehnoloģijas, SIA, trade and repair of scalesAll kinds of scales trade and repair. Scales for commerce, home, warehouse, medicine, stacking services, labs and much more.
Photon L Baltic, lighting equipment
Photon L Baltic, lighting equipmentPhoton-L offers high-quality LED products using the latest advanced technologies. Our staff consists of highly specialized engineers who are active members of prestigious engineering and lighting associations in the United States, United Kingdom.
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