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Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalna kalēji , Vidriži, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads, Latvija
(+371) 29462999 - Kalējs Kaspars Auza


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RUSSO-BALT, car trailers
RUSSO-BALT, car trailersProduction company RUSSO-BALT is the first producer of cars and minibuses in Republic of Latvia.
Pūdnīku skūla, keramika
Pūdnīku skūla, keramikaSmoked ceramics. Ancient pottery tehnology, where high mastery grounds is clever reserve, simple fairness and practical classes.
URALA, guest house
URALA, guest houseReal Russian bathhouse. Rooms for festivities till 100 people. Great terrace with hot tub. Not far from Riga.
Vārpiņas MR, SIA
Vārpiņas MR, SIAThe forest is an important ecosystem that must not be valued only financially. It fulfills both social and irreplaceable ecological functions. We are part of an ecosystem, so we see a world where every owner manages his forest according to the best canons of sustainable development - for our climate, the environment and people. This is exactly what we observe in our work - we set an example ourselves and educate others on how to better integrate trees into the urban environment.
Jaņa Rozentāla Saldus Vēstures un mākslas muzejs, museum
Jaņa Rozentāla Saldus Vēstures un mākslas muzejs, museumToday, the museum complex includes four buildings, in which are located - the collection of museum, art exhibition hall, history exhibition hall and the administration. The museum dates back to 1947, when a decision on its establishment were made. The initial museum's treasure is the Rozental’s collection of the original works gathered by artist’s contemporary Marts Vējš.
Jaunķemeri, kūrorta rehabilitācijas centrs
Jaunķemeri, kūrorta rehabilitācijas centrsRRC Jaunķemeri – health gifted by nature! Locates in Jurmala, in the unique and healing resort conditions, which combine the reserved environmental entirety.
Zobārstniecības centrs Svenata
Zobārstniecības centrs  SvenataDentistry centre Svenata. Higly qualified specialists, the most modern equipment, porophylaxis of jaw and oral cavity.
Mozello, mājas lapu izstrāde
Mozello, mājas lapu izstrādeIzveido savu mājas lapu vai interneta veikalu 5 minūtēs, bez maksas. Ātri, viegli, profesionāli. Šis ir vislabākais piedāvājums gan Latvijā gan pasaulē. Izmēģini tagad!
Vidi, guest house
Vidi, guest houseA rest place at the lake Sasmaka. A place for celebrations, sport event organization. Banquet hall and bathhouse.
Zvejnieki 2000, SIA, recreation centre
Zvejnieki 2000, SIA, recreation centreEach of four cottages are provided for six people and is fitted with electric batteries. A bathhouse with a hall, arbour for celebrations, relaxation at the lake Ciecere.
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