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Leļļu galerija, miniatūra karaļvalsts, apskates objekts

Leļļu galerija, miniatūra karaļvalsts, apskates objekts

Daugavpils iela 21, Preiļi, Preiļu novads, Latvija, LV-5301
(+371) 65321737
(+371) 26423837

In search of a miracle, we offer to go to a small town Preili, where between the street and Boulevard Rainis Daugavpils you find yourself in a fairy-tale kingdom

Kingdom consists of a miniature castle in the courtyard, gallery of dolls and wardrobe Royal dvora.Eto very popular and unique tourist sites of the city.

Miniature castles

In search of a miracle, we offer to go to a small town Preiļi, where between the street and Boulevard Rainis Daugavpils you find yourself in a fairy-tale kingdom - Mihaylovgrade.

Kingdom consists of a miniature castle in the courtyard, gallery of dolls and the wardrobe of the royal court. This is a very popular and unique tourist sites of the city.

Castle in miniature - Luxury towers, bridges, windmills is - this small kingdom is decorated courtyard, attracting the attention of passers-by and tourists.

Do not look for analogues in the real world - a mini castle figment of imagination of the author and hands, made of ordinary stone. Special romantic mood created in the evening, when the lights in the castle windows.


In the wardrobe you will find over 350 luxury women's, children's and men's suits all sizes.

Appropriate accessories, wigs, hats, gloves, swords, musical instruments will help you to reincarnate in the king and queen, prince and princess, musketeers or courtesan depending on the mood.

The background for the photo will serve as decoration Prejlskogo kingdom or a miniature castle in the courtyard of the house.


5.00 EUR - 3.00 EUR- SUITS


Gallery of dolls

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