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Rundāles Dzirnavas

Rundāles Dzirnavas

Rundāles ūdensdzirnavas, Pilsrundāle, Rundāles pagasts, Bauskas novads, Latvija, LV-3921
(+371) 20557777 - administrācija
(+371) 22777775 - vadītāja

Rundale Watermill Museum:

Pilsrundāle was in the center in the 18th century. the water mill and windmill of Rundāle manor built at the end. The water mill of the Rundāle manor has managed to be preserved until today, although it has experienced two devastating fires during its operation. At that time, the mill operated with water power and, in addition, a steam engine was also installed. Along with grain processing, wool carding and spinning, as well as other works, were carried out in the mill. Despite this, there have also been not so good times for the mill, however, the operation of the Rundāle water mill was restored and in the 20th century. in the thirties, when Voldemars Bergmanis became the owner, the water mill building was renovated and fully equipped with the then most modern products of the company "O. J. Keller" mill for grain processing machines and extensive economic activity was developed. Along with grain processing, not only wool carding and spinning, but also carpentry and fruit processing worked.

The museum gives an insight to see and understand the operation of the water mill of the last century and its essence. The water mill is spread over five floors and allows you to trace the grinding process of the mill - from grain to flour.

Room rental for conferences, seminars and other social events:

Rundāle water mill offers rooms for conferences, seminars and other social events. The hall can accommodate up to 50 people, depending on the concept of the event, the desired layout of the rooms and the layout of the tables. The outdoor area allows you to organize events in the fresh air, while, in unfavorable conditions, it is also possible to pitch the big event tent. We provide necessary technical equipment for conferences and seminars.

Outdoor terrace and children's area:

We offer guests to buy warm snacks and drinks, which can be enjoyed in the outdoor area, where tables and chairs are arranged. While guests enjoy the magic of the countryside, children can play in our children's playground.

SUP, boat and catamaran rentals:

SUP, boat and catamaran rentals in the calm and scenic lake of Zirnav. A great place to actively enjoy your free summer moments. We will give advice on the correct selection and use of inventory. We will provide both big and small with safety vests.

Beer factory

Soon, beer production will be started in an established brewery, which is also located in the premises of the Rundāle Watermill Museum.

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