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Latvijas Universitātes Rīgas Medicīnas koledža

Latvijas Universitātes Rīgas Medicīnas koledža

Hipokrāta iela 1, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1079
(+371) 67840744
(+371) 67547797

Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia (hereinafter, the College) was founded in 1980 and at that time it was called Riga Medical School No. 5. In 2004, in compliance with Latvia’s legislation, it was transformed into Riga Medical College. Later the College was restructured into Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia in accordance with the Ordinance No 574 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia as of 24-08-2009. The College implements a first level professional higher education study programms in NURSING (programme code 41723) and in MEDICINE (programme code 41 721), that provides the whole range of knowledge, competences and skills relevant and appropriate for the present-day labour market and health care system.

The graduates of the programme NURSING receive the fourth level professional qualification of Nurse in one of the following areas – Nurse or Internal Medicine Nurse, Paediatric Nurse, Anaesthetist Nurse, Intensive/ Critical Care Nurse, Surgical Nurse or Outpatient Nurse.

The graduates of the programme MEDICINE receive the fourth level professional qualification of Physician Assistant or Physician Assistant in Ambulatory Care or Physician Assistant in Emergency Care.

The Accreditation Commission of Higher Education Study Programmes has evaluated and accredited the Study Programms in NURSING and in MEDICINE twice – first in 2005, second in 2011 for the period up to May, 2017.

There are more than 600 students, 17 full-time teachers on staff, 15 to 17 tutors in the health care institutions and many mentors in the clinical area: Nurses, Physicians and other health care professionals.

The main aim of the College is to join European Higher Education Area (EHEA) to develop those professional and personal skills of students that are vital for people in a European multicultural society.

The College educates and trains health care professionals who remain competitive not only in Latvia, but also in the European Union labour market. Education quality is assured by using innovative pedagogy that motivates lifelong learning, as well as by using electronic teaching and contemporary medical technologies.

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Everte, SIAProfessional room and territory cleaning service. Office, house and apartment cleaning services. Premises cleaning and washing, floor care. Window washing. Hotel - type cleaning services. Territory cleaning. Snow and ice cleaning.
Granda, joinery
Granda, joineryJoinery work of the company Granda. Stair manufacturing, installation; furniture manufacturing; oak beer barrels; bathhouse tubes and hot tubes; wood baths.
NAD.LV Repatriācijas un apbedīšanas birojs Rīgā
NAD.LV Repatriācijas un apbedīšanas birojs RīgāFuneral services in Riga, funeral in Latvia, cremation and cremation. Organization of repatriation services. Morgue and catafalque services.
Liedags, guest house
Liedags, guest houseGuest house is situated on the side of Liepaja-Ventspils highway. Guest house "Liedags" offers 16 comfortable rooms, delicious meals in snack bar, rooms for conference and celebrations, a bathhouse with swimming pool.
Dzīpari S, textiles
Dzīpari S, textilesDzīpars offers handmade production from linen and wool. The work is done on the old type loom, which can be seen in out door museums.
Port Land, guest house
Port Land, guest houseWe offer - rooms for celebrations and seminars, we lay tables, organise entertainments, music, bathhouse and swimming pool.
Toode, roofing surfaces
Toode, roofing surfacesLtd TODE produces: roofs, gutters, window sills, ledges, ridges, woodies, as well as other foldings from steel. Roof coverings.
Bruņinieku muiža, guest house
Bruņinieku muiža, guest houseGuest house Mednieku pirts. In the spacious banquet hall you can celebrate your wedding, jubilee, birthday or any other family festivity.
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Rubīni, apartmentsHoliday apartments Rubīni is a nice and cosy resting-place for the guests of Ventspils. Together 5 accommodations arranged like 2-3 room apartments with all amenities.
VaisumiJūs gaida klusa, vientulīga atpūtas vieta pie jūras zvejnieku saimniecībā Vaisumi. Gaidām ģimenes ar bērniem. Līdz jūrai tikai 300 m. Līdzi variet ņemt arī savus mīļdzīvniekus (sunīti, kaķīti). Ēdināšanas iespējas „Nāriņas” veikalā – kafejnīca.
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