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UAB Leo Travel Bureau

Taikos pr. 24, Klaipėda, Klaipėdos apskritis, Lietuva
(+370) 46383045
(+370) 46383045
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Beaver, boat centre
Beaver, boat centreCanoe will bring you closer to nature and will offer you unique experiences. Many people choose to travel alone with a tent and a backpack while others like to be in a canoe with friends and family.
DABLD Professional, matu kopšanas līdzekļi
DABLD Professional, matu kopšanas līdzekļiProfesionāla kosmētika, ekskluzīvi produkti matu problēmu risināšanai, dekoratīvā kosmētika, aprīkojums un instrumenti darbam salonā.
Zanzibāra, camping
Zanzibāra, campingKempings Zanzibāra atrodas pavisam netālu no Rīgas - tikai 20 minūšu brauciena attālumā skaistā vietā Daugavas-Misas kanāla malā
Rigess, garden machinery repair and service
Rigess, garden machinery repair and serviceHusqvarna and other producers` garden machinery repairs, service and maintenance. Your mower, trimmer, chain saw, tractor or any other garden equipment will reach experienced hands, will be maintained and repaired.
LeBens, roofing surfaces
LeBens, roofing surfacesProduction and sale of various roofing, wall and other related materials. Official representative and distributor of many of the world's leading producers of building materials.
Otafs, tāfeles, glaziers
Otafs, tāfeles, glaziersOtafs. Possibility to order school board, which is necessary for the particular classroom (after size and design). Chairs of pianists. Handwork.
Viduslaiku izklaides
Viduslaiku izklaides"Niedru lija"Ltd offers active entertainments in a medieval way - shooting with a bow, an arbalest, throwing an axe, a spear, forging coins. Our arbalest is a copy of a medieval arbalest (~the 14 century), missile axes - the13 century. Copies of the
Viss pirtij
Viss pirtijIn production of bathhouse accessories there are used valuable, ecelogically clean, natural material - felt cloth.Felt cloth is one of the ancient materials, which nowadays is popular in Europe.
Jēkaba aģentūra SIA, tourism agency
Jēkaba aģentūra SIA, tourism agencyJēkaba aģentūra in Jēkaba Kazarmas. Our travel agency is located in Jēkaba Kazarmas and as till now will organize the favourite travel as well as business trip all along the year.
Vanna vannā
Vanna vannāAcrylic bath casings are produced in Latvia, the bathes are produced from 6 mm thick acrylic polymer sheets.
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