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ML Grupa 3, building material sale

ML Grupa 3, building material sale

Patversmes iela 21, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1005
(+371) 27725551
Būvmateriālu interneta veikals. Fasādes un Siltumizolācijas materiāli. Jumta segumi. Sausie maisījumi, mastikas. Iekšdurvis. Skrūves un stiprinājumi.
OffersProducts, services, keywordsConstruction materials stores Internet shops more details   Building materials and constructions more details      Heat insulation materials more details         Stone wool more details         Fasādes vate more details         Minerālvate more details         Expandable polystyrol          Expanded clay more details         Materiāli fasādes darbiem       Building polythene for roofs and walls more details         Anticondensate polythene more details         Difusing membarnes more details         Damp proofing materials more details         Steam insulation more details      Dry mixtures for building more details         Knauf sausie maisījumi būvniecībai more details         Vetonit sausie maisījumi būvniecībai more details         Sakret sausie maisījumi būvniecībai more details         Cement          Lime          Špakteļmasas more details         Bitumen mastic more details      Armatures sieves more details      Screws and fastenings more details         Plasterboard assemblage, construction screws          Gypsum cardboard construction screws          Diebel nails more details         Mounting tapes more details         прокладка more details         Nuts more details         Thread bars more details      Carvings more details         Connectors of beams          Brackets          Angles          Savienojuma plāksnes       Sheet materials more details         Veneer, Plywood          OSB plates more details      Plasterboard. more details         Ģipškartons standarta          Mitrumizturīgais ģipškartons          Uģunsdrošais ģipškartons          Plasterboard construction profiles more details         Corner splint for gypsum board more details         Amortizējošās blīvgumijas ģipškartonam more details         Pašlīmējošās sietlentas ģipškartonam       Roofings more details         Bituminous tiles more details         Ruberoid more details         ONDULINE corrugated sheets more details      Roof windows more details         ROOFLITE roof windows more details         ROTO jumta logi more details      Flags more details         Flag handles          Flagpole more details      Interior doors more details         Interior doors with a lamonate cover more details         Painted inner doors more details         Priedes masīvkoka iekšdurvis more details         Doorcases more details      Paints and lacquers more details         Pinotex koksnes aizsardzība more details         Sadolin krāsas iekšdarbiem more detailsSnow shovels more details

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E-COMMERCE BROKER, SIAMoney already today. An answer is possible within 15 minutes. Online application on our website. We offer: various types of loans and lending services: consumer loans, loans against collateral, loans for the purchase of real estate, loans for business, loans for repayment of debts to banks, loan refinancing, factoring and invoice financing.
VEIPRO, SIAWe manufacture, sell and maintain both automatic and manual electronic scales and weighing systems. We work with the world's leading scale and scale component manufacturers to provide high quality products and services to all business sectors.
Ziedu Dīva, flower studio
Ziedu Dīva, flower studioCreative and lovingly made works that make the heart happy, for any holiday and everyday life. With pleasure, we can help fulfill wishes and color the holidays, turn dreams into reality!
Anemones, glamping
Anemones, glampingGlamping Anemones is a new recreation place in Plienciem 900m from the sea. The glamping is located in a pine-covered, green, blooming area. Nearby: walking trails with blueberries, lingonberries and mushrooms. The glamping is equipped with a kitchen area, where you will find a refrigerator, dishes, induction cooker, microwave oven, coffee machine. The cabin has a shower, toilet, air heat pump (the temperature can be cooled or heated), pellet fireplace.
Sauleskalns, bath
Sauleskalns, bathWe offer rooms for different kind of celebrations till 50 persons.Lodging for the night till 30 persons. A wet bathhouse with swimming pool. We lay tables for celebrations.
Rīgas 3. arodskola, office hotel
Rīgas 3. arodskola, office hotelViesnīca atrodas netālu no pilsētas centra, skaistā Ķīšezera krasta tuvumā. Ja vēlaties pavadīt nakti pie mums vai palikt ilgāk, mēs piedāvājam divvietīgus, trīsvietīgus numurus.
Mauriņi, guest house
Mauriņi, guest houseGuest house Mauriņi is located in Allažu civil parish, about six kilometres from Sigulda. Mariņi is a two floor house with individual accomodations, fire place,swimming pool, bathhouse and festivity hall.
Daugavas muzejs
Daugavas muzejsDaugavas muzejs piedāvā, ekskursijas skolēniem, kāzu ekskursijas, dažādas pedagoģiski izzinošas nodarbības gan skolēniem gan pirmsskolas vecuma bērniem. Muzejs atrodas Doles muižas jaunajā kungu mājā. Muižas parkā iespējams rīkot saviesīgus pasākumus.
Jette, liberal arts
Jette, liberal artsHandicraft enterprise Jette. Make of decorative arts works and tradition maintaining. Leather artistic design works.
Baltic Media, translation office
Baltic Media, translation officeTranslation office Baltic Media Ltd. is the leading language services company in Northern Europe. It provides translation and localization as well as language training services. Translations from and into Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Faroese, German, English, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian.
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