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Hotel KOLUMBS, hotel

Hotel KOLUMBS, hotel

Kuršu iela 32, Liepāja, Latvija, LV-3401
(+371) 22019385

The hotel's old part of the building, reflecting late Art Nouveau and National Romantic style, was built in 1914, following the project of the leading architect of Liepaja Paul Max Berchi as a rental house, the author of the new building is architect Diana Zalane, and this part of the building was built in 2006 for the hotel.

We are waiting and ready to welcome both residents and guests of Liepaja. We offer cozy rooms for work, entertainment and relaxation.

We are happy to offer you:

  • 30 cozy and comfortable rooms whose setting and level of cleanliness will not disappoint you, but will allow you to rest well and feel at home
  • A restaurant in which you will be able to forget everyday rush and worries with your friends
  • A sauna with a hydromassage bath
  • Conference and seminar rooms with a pleasant interior


Our newly furnished 2-room (48m2) cozy and quiet apartment is ideal for those who want to spend a romantic weekend or those looking for a cozy holiday home with their family. There is everything you need to get ready for some festive event (iron, hair dryer). The room has a comfortable double bed and a sofa bed. TV, WI-FI, refrigerator. We have one apartment of this type.

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