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Cakara U., sworn advocate bureau

Ģertrūdes iela 30-14, Rīga, Latvija
(+371) 29210587
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Upītes, guest house
Upītes, guest houseUpītes kā atpūtas vieta ir kļuvusi par daudzu ģimeņu neatņemamu vasaras sastāvdaļu. Tiek piedāvāta pirts ar dīķi, brīvdienu māja ar saunu un svinību zāli un māja ar labiekārtotām istabiņām. Iespējamas naktsmājas līdz 50 cilvēkiem.
Pūdnīku skūla, keramika
Pūdnīku skūla, keramikaSmoked ceramics. Ancient pottery tehnology, where high mastery grounds is clever reserve, simple fairness and practical classes.
Rakari, guest house, tavern, camping
Rakari, guest house, tavern, campingComplex Rakari consists of a guest house with 8 rooms, a pub with outdoor terrace and 16 well equipped šemidetached houses. Bathhouse, rooms for conferences. Sea - 400 m, Via Baltica - 900 m.
SPA Hotel Usma / Usmas Kempings
 SPA Hotel Usma / Usmas KempingsA rest at the lake Usma. Everything for valuable rest at the lake's bank.
Dienliliju Dārzs, garden
Dienliliju Dārzs, gardenthe largest DAYLILY GARDEN in Latvia offers to purchase seedlings in the garden also on the internet. In our garden are  ~950 different daylily sorts and hybrids. More in our website
Lotes Toys, store
Lotes Toys, storeToys made of wood and other natural material has a special meaning. Natural material is recommenden by medical specialists also for kids with speech or vision disorder.
Polīši, guest house
Polīši, guest houseFishing and relexation centre "Polisi" is 2 km from Kuldiga. Fish ponds in 13 ha area, where are carps, pikes, perchs, crucians and tenchs. Bathhouse, rooms for celebrations and rest, lodgings.
Hutor Group
Hutor GroupRecreation center - 2 Guest Houses "Swans" with all conveniences and a Russian bath – wait for you on the shore of the picturesque Rušona Lake.
Mākslas Vēstniecība, antique shop - art salon
Mākslas Vēstniecība, antique shop - art salonMākslas vēstniecība, antikvariāts - galerija. Glezniecība. Mēbeles. Pulksteņi. Interjera priekšmeti. Porcelāns, stikls, keramika. Lustras. Gleznu rāmji. Izsoles. Interneta veikals.
Pie Pliča, guest house
Pie Pliča, guest houseGuest house Pie Pliča. The oldest wooden building in Preiļi. The smallest church in Latvia. Collection of antiquity. Well equipped accomodations, table laying.
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