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Rēzeknes tehnikums

Rēzeknes tehnikums

Varoņu iela 11a, Rēzekne, Latvija, LV-4604
(+371) 64633664
(+371) 64632665

Piedāvātās izglītības programmas :

  • Administratīvie un sekretāra pakalpojumi
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Klientu apkalpošanas speciālists
  • Interjera dizains
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Interjera noformētājs
  • Autotransports
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Automehāniķis, Automehāniķa palīgs, Autoatslēdznieks.
  • Kokizstrādājumu izgatavošana
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Mēbeļu galdnieks
  • Būvdarbi
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Apdares darbu tehniķis, Ēku celtnieks
  • Komerczinības
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Mazumtirdzniecības komercdarbinieks, Mazumtirdzniecības veikala pārdevējs.
  • Datorsistēmas
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Ēdināšanas pakalpojumu speciālists, Pavārs.
  • Programmēšana
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Programmēšanas tehniķis.
  • Enerģētika un elektrotehnika
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Elektrotehniķis, Elektromontieris
  • Viesnīcu pakalpojumi
    Profesionālā kvalifikācija: Viesmīlības pakalpojumu speciālists
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E-COMMERCE BROKER, SIAMoney already today. An answer is possible within 15 minutes. Online application on our website. We offer: various types of loans and lending services: consumer loans, loans against collateral, loans for the purchase of real estate, loans for business, loans for repayment of debts to banks, loan refinancing, factoring and invoice financing.
VEIPRO, SIAWe manufacture, sell and maintain both automatic and manual electronic scales and weighing systems. We work with the world's leading scale and scale component manufacturers to provide high quality products and services to all business sectors.
Ziedu Dīva, flower studio
Ziedu Dīva, flower studioCreative and lovingly made works that make the heart happy, for any holiday and everyday life. With pleasure, we can help fulfill wishes and color the holidays, turn dreams into reality!
Anemones, glamping
Anemones, glampingGlamping Anemones is a new recreation place in Plienciem 900m from the sea. The glamping is located in a pine-covered, green, blooming area. Nearby: walking trails with blueberries, lingonberries and mushrooms. The glamping is equipped with a kitchen area, where you will find a refrigerator, dishes, induction cooker, microwave oven, coffee machine. The cabin has a shower, toilet, air heat pump (the temperature can be cooled or heated), pellet fireplace.
Rozā sapnis, carnival and evening dress rental, online shop
Rozā sapnis, carnival and evening dress rental, online shopRozā sapnis. Carnival and evening dresses, lease and accessories.
Tree Climbers, SIA
Tree Climbers, SIAArborists, kokkopis - veicam koku kopšanu, zāģēšanu, bīstamo koku novākšanu un ne tikai..
Zanzibāra, camping
Zanzibāra, campingKempings Zanzibāra atrodas pavisam netālu no Rīgas - tikai 20 minūšu brauciena attālumā skaistā vietā Daugavas-Misas kanāla malā
Bruņinieku muiža, guest house
Bruņinieku muiža, guest houseGuest house Mednieku pirts. In the spacious banquet hall you can celebrate your wedding, jubilee, birthday or any other family festivity.
Arco Color Latvija, SIA
Arco Color Latvija, SIAArco Color Latvija offers powder coating services for steel, aluminum and other metal parts. Our customers are from building, roof covering, ventilation system, window and door manufacturing and different interior design element production branches.
Cheirons, veterinary clinic - pharmacy
Cheirons, veterinary clinic - pharmacyIn the clinic, we offer versatile veterinary assistance of all kinds for animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) Diagnosis and treatment of diseases, vaccination, microchipping, surgical operations for animals (including castration, sterilization, tumor operations, bone fracture operative and conservative treatment, injuries, wounds, etc.) Laboratory analyses, X-ray, ultrasonography.
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